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Briuna La'fey Harps Community and Educational Foundation

Saving Lives. Building Futures.

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Our Mission !

We are all about helping Families, Communities, Schools, Students, Parents, Victims of  Violence, Supporting  Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Homeless, and Domestic Violence Victims while so many is  still being affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Crimes, Hard Times,  Sickness, and Hunger.  We are dedicated to helping parents and students, by providing a safe place to complete school work and stay on track! We offer Coaching and Counseling to anyone problems, etc.... Social Issues, Depression, HIV/AIDS, Lupus, Diabetes , Chronic Illness, Homeliness, Suicide, At Risk Teens, Crime Offenders, Convicted Felony's and Helping Them get back in the Workforce, Gangs and Gangs Violence, Grief, and many more.

Core Values

Promoting Teamwork !

Achieving Success !

Spreading Positive !

Building Friendship !

Inspiring Leadership !

Uphold Social Responsibility !

Saving Lives. Building Futures.

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