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Briuna La'fey Harps Community and Educational Foundation

About Us

The Briuna La'fey Harps Community and Educational Foundation is a Non- Profit 501c3 in honor of Briuna La'Fey Harps who life was cut short due to senseless gun violence that continue to destroy our communities by taking our Kids and Families members from us through senseless shooting, gun violence, and gang activities, and through this foundation we Partner with Local Law Enforcement Agencies.  If you would like to know more about this senseless crime you can google Briuna La'fey Harps. In honor of Briuna, and to keep her legacy alive, Briuna  Foundation offers Continued Educational Scholarships, Grief Counseling, Job Help Assignments, Life & Health Coaching, Diabetes , Heart Attack, Stoke, & HIV Coaching, and Outreach Support for ADHD, Autism, and Lupus, Victims of  Crime,  World Hunger,  At Risk Kids Coaching, Marriage & Family Coaching all FREE of charge to help others life a become a little easier. Briuna Foundation runs and operates a Virtual Learning Center at no-charge so parents  can work during the day and their kids are able to come study and complete their assign school lesson plan. The Briuna Virtual Learning Center also offers emergency Daycare so parents to not miss work and can continue to provide for their families. The Briuna La'fey Harps Virtual Learning Center is located at 205 Brandywine Blvd, Fayetteville GA. 30214, and can be contacted at 470-300-9314 or  770 -841-1420.


It is our passion to help out as many families as we can, in any way we can. It is our social responsibility to lend a hand to the peoples in our communities.


We strive to help people in need, and assist them so their life can be where they want it to. We want to give more than we take, and pass that trait to the youth of our communities.